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Meet the Visionary of cGODb Publications

I grew up in a church pastored by my grandfather and I attended Sunday school and bible study regularly, but around the age of thirty, I realized that I didn’t know as much about the Bible as I thought. I knew the Ten Commandments and I even knew that Methuselah was the longest living man in the Bible, but I didn’t understand Abraham’s role in God’s plan of Redemption for mankind. I’d heard innumerable sermons about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and got baptized at a young age, but I didn’t fully understand grace or the true gift that Jesus Christ gave to me. It just so happened that my lack of knowledge became apparent when I challenged the teen bible study class that I was teaching at the time, to read through the Bible, and I embarked on the journey along with them. The following years were spent studying God’s word, soaking up knowledge, and using my creativity and gift of teaching to write and present bible-based lessons, relative to the young people that I was called to.


My goal was to ensure that the future generations weren’t left with major deficits in their knowledge of the Word of God. The world discovered the power of knowledge, and is enforcing educational requirements and learning standards for children of all ages. I believe that the body of Christ should value education just as much as the world, and put major focus on teaching our youth the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and about the culture of the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ was education focused; he spent a great deal of time teaching and empowering his disciples and followers, and before returning to Heaven, he gave us specific instructions to do the same.    


In 2015, I gave up my career as an engineer in the telecommunications industry to pursue my passion, which is to educate, equip, and empower youth and young adults to be who God created them to be and to fulfill their God-given purpose. cGodb Publications was birthed from my passion and is committed to providing churches, Christian schools, Christian based youth organizations, and bookstores with Bible-based literature, including life changing courses, curriculum, and fiction and non-fiction books, mostly geared toward children, teens, and young adults. My courses and books have already made a positive impact on the lives of children and teens, as they have been utilized for many years in the previous church that I attended, and in the church I currently attend, Overflow Ministries Covenant Church.


My passion for empowering and educating youth also led me into the field of Education. I served as the administrator and education coordinator for a Christian school established by my church. I’ve tutored elementary, high school, and college students, and am currently working as a substitute teacher in several local school districts, while pursuing my teaching license. My greatest fulfillment comes from parenting and empowering my four daughters and granddaughters, teaching, and writing.


Raquel Lewis,

Visionary of cGODb Publications

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