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Maria’s mom accepted an invitation to attend Friends and Family Day at Grace Church, but going to church is the last thing on Maria’s mind. She wasn’t raised in church and doesn’t understand how people can believe in a God that they can’t see or touch; especially one that would allow a father to abandon his daughter. After a scheme to get out of going backfires on her, Maria is forced to go to church, dressed for the club. She’s even more distraught when her aunt, who’s a youth leader at Grace Church, leaves her in the hands of four “saved” teens who are bound to judge and reject her. Maria is thrust into the church world, where she encounters drama, laughter, tears, fun, fellowship, good food, and some crazy church folk.


Sarah is a PK (pastor’s kid), and she’s determined to overcome her social awkwardness and befriend Sis. Deborah’s niece. Being the pastor’s daughter has brought on a lot of drama and judgment for her, so making friends is difficult, but keeping them out of the line of fire is nearly impossible.

John is convinced that Maria is a sinner, trying to gain the attention of the boys. While praying for her, he gets the idea to lead her to Christ by sharing God’s love, and a scripture from Proverbs. After an unforgettable fashion show put on by the youth leaders and parents, John is convicted of judging Maria and decides to get to know the girl, behind the skirt.  

Elijah, a high school basketball star and flirt, is now a believer of love at first sight, but unfortunately Maria is off limits because being unequally yoked is not an option. His assumption that she’s a sinner is correct, but he’s shocked to learn that she doesn’t even believe in God.

Janet sees beyond Maria’s attitude and short skirt, and recognizes the same despair that plagued her before she gave her heart to God. Knowing that only God can heal Maria’s pain, Janet sets out to draw her to God, with lovingkindness and friendship.


Will Maria’s church experience and a few unlikely, “saved” friends lead her down a path to salvation and into the arms of a loving Father, God Almighty, or will she remain a bitter girl, longing for the love of her absent father?

Coming Summer 2019!
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